Black Hat among top 12 of the Essen Spiel new games by Der Spiegel



Der Spiegel, one of the largest magazines in Germany made an article (click here for original) about Essen Spiel, the yearly extravaganza of board game geeks and they chose 12 of the most interesting new products and Black Hat was among those. Essen Spiel in short: 160,000 visitors, 910 exhibitors, around 1,000 more or less new products.


Translated article:
Wannabe hacker as a target group: In the vastness of the Internet plays “Black Hat”, a Finnish hybrid of board and card game in which one penetrates into various systems as a hacker. “Black Hat” is essentially a classic trick-taking game, so it comes to play the right card at the right moment.The whole is still influenced by the progress on the board. You can play the game from a maximum of six players, children should be able to understand it quickly. Although there is a two-player version, the makers recommend games with three or more players.”Black Hat” costs 42 euros, a game lasts 30 to 45 minutes.


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Black Hat is available from wide variety of game stores.