Perdition’s Mouth kickstarter preview


As you likely are aware, we will be launching our next game:

Perdition’s Mouth on Kickstarter on 11.11.2015, which is less than two weeks from now.
We’re very close to ready, a few tidbits and the final touches for the video are missing, but those will be added prior to the actual launch date.
We’d appreciate honest . Did we forget something? Is something left unclear? Any place where we could still improve?
The link is:
And we’d appreciate if you shared it on any channels you might have. It’s not a secret any longer :)
The FAQ is missing, but much of it is written already. You can only add it when campaign launches. And our social goals will be revealed at launch time, but we can assure that spreading the word will pay off :)
Thank you on behalf our our whole team. This has been an amazing ride so far. We expect it to only get better and wilder during the next weeks.